Class Types

morning flow

make the most of the day with this uplifting and energizing restorative flow class. Open to all levels, this class is ideal for developing strength, balance, and flexibility while helping to calm the mind. A perfect way to start the day.

flux flow fusion

our specifically designed fusion class combines elements of heart rate training, yoga, and pilates to sculpt, burn, and stretch you into definition. Feel the difference in your body after 3 classes, and see the difference in 5. Abs heavy class, with dedicated time for strengthening all major muscle groups.


this class moves you steadily through breath-synchronized yoga sequences designed to create heat, gradually preparing your body for the most challenging before gently being lead to savasana, the final relaxation pose. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, energized with a deep sense of balance and peace within. Suitable for all levels.

dynamic core

with a strong focus on improving body shape, strength, and definition, this dynamic, results-driven class combines classical Pilates with elements of barre, yoga, HIIT and functional training to effectively boost overall fitness and well-being. Ideal for anyone looking for a challenging workout or wanting to enhance their performance in relation to other sports such as running, cycling, swimming, and gym training. Suitable for all levels.


the pilates method is all about improving core strength, flexibility, muscle tone, balance, and body awareness. It’s ideal for anyone wanting to correct bad posture habits, overcome back problems, improve athletic performance, or simply increase general levels of fitness and well-being.

HIIT fusion

HIIT is specifically designed to raise our heart levels so that when we work our muscles we get the most out of each movement. flux’s HIIT class is uniquely alignment based, so that we are sweaty and safe in each class. Be prepared to get a full body strength and stretch and sweat. Advanced class, but modifications may be given for beginners. This class, like all flux classes, is done barefoot on the mat.

 meditation 25

these 25 minutes guided meditation classes are the perfect way to break up a stressful manhattan work day. Lay or sit and be guided through a meditative relaxation. Take some time to connect with your breath and chose your own thoughts, or simply let your body relax and take a short nap. These are simple effective classes designed to help you let-go, if only for a few minutes.

take care

take care classes are 30 minutes of focused stretching, self-massage, and gentle strengthening of the weaker part of our bodies. Using thera-bands, foam rollers, tune-up balls and more to access deeper stretches and movements. Suitable for all fitness levels, but especially great for people who want to get back into their fitness routine after an injury, or for those who stretching is not easy.